Friday, October 31, 2008

23 Things

I really enjoyed going through Learn and Play! At first it was a little bit frustrating, because I am not super technological, but I got the hang of it. There is so much to learn, with so many possibilities. The way the program is presented lets you go slowly, absorbing at your own rate. I finally hit my stride and grew very confident after the RSS feeds. And there were lots of people ready to help, as well as me helping other people. With encouragement from those who ran the program, as well as the cheerleading they did, it was a very enjoyable process. I read my feeds just about every day and will certainly go back to learn more about importing pictures. When I think of how I used to do artwork online, I realize how far we have all come with the growing importance of everything Web. I am happy to be able to semi keep up with the internet. Thanks!

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